Thursday, September 09, 2010

Thursday's Thing to Do: Search a Shape bottle

Kids will love helping you make this craft!!!

What you'll need:
* 1 clear plastic bottle with a screw on lid (a water bottle or similar size)
* Glitter (I used green, that's why it looks so murky)
* Corn Syrup
* Water
* Stuff to put in the bottle.  (Ex: beads, buttons, penny, basically any item that won't fall apart when it's in the water.  Some good places to look are your own craft supplies, old game pieces, and dollar stores.)
* Super Glue or similar permanent glue

How to make it:
1. Clean the bottle out
2. Fill the bottle with several items you've collected (don't fill it too much though, or the items will be too crowded.)
3.  Add some glitter, about 2-3 Tbl., depending on the size of the bottle
4.  Fill remaining space with Water and Corn Syrup (1/3 Corn Syrup-2/3 Water).  Be careful to not have it overflow, don't fill it to the rim.
5.  Glue the lid on and let it dry
6.  Shake it up and ENJOY!   

-A baby will enjoy watching the sparkle and color. 
-With a young child you could begin having them search for colors and shapes as you point them out. 
-For an older child, they can search and find on their own.
*Thanks for this idea Becky!

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Alyssa said...

I like those bottles. There are several other types of discovery bottles that I have seen as well. I have seen bottles with curled pipe cleaner, colored oil and water bottles, sand with small objects to discover, and bottles filled with plastic bugs or animals. These are just a few of the varieties I have seen. The kids at the daycare I worked at loved to pretend the ones with colored liquid were drinks and used them with their kitchen stuff.