Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Yes, I'm alive.  Infact, I've been working on a book. 

I can't do everything at the same time (who can?), so for the past while, I've been focussing my efforts on a book I've been dreaming about for years upon years...the dream began before blogging was ever even a thing.  The idea actually started with my mom and her dream of writing a book.  It's changed a lot over the years and is totally different than what she had thought about doing...but that's where the thought began.  And every thought has to begin somewhere.  So, that's taken priority for now.  I realized a while ago that if I didn't start and work on it regularly, it would never happen and I don't want to get to the point when it's "too late".  That happens with too many things in life and I've decided I won't have a regret, or "what if".  It's kind of a tribute to my mom too.  She didn't accomplish the dream.  But it can be OUR dream and I'll do it.  And, if it's never published by some other company.  So be it..... we now live in a world of self-publishing opportunities because of the technology we have.  That makes me happy.  It's also a gift to my daughter... someday she'll be a mom too.  Yes, the book has to do with motherhood....my passion in life.  I'll keep you posted, and I might even blog occasionally, but.......

And, my husband compiled a book too.  A dream he's had for years.  (notice the trending in our family?)   I'll write about that later....keep checking back.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wednesday's Word: Home

Happy laughter
and friendly voices in the home
will keep more kids off the streets
than the loudest curfew.
~Burton Hillis
photo courtesy of: http://www.brightlifecoaching.com.au/

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Tuesday's Tips & Tidbits: the Tooth Fairy

A rite of passage in our culture
It's a big deal to lose that first tooth
Just ask any kindergarten teacher.

My son has his first two wiggly teeth: the bottom, front ones---like most kids. 
He's been coming home from school since the beginning of the school year telling me who lost their tooth, how, and that the kid got a prize from his teacher's special prize box for losing a tooth.
He's anxiously awaiting his own teeth falling out because 

When I was a little girl my mom would make us each a
Tooth Fairy Pillow. 
I didn't realize at the time how brilliant my mother was. 
This pillow had a little pocket in the front where we'd put our tooth. 
We'd place the pillow on our bed, and wake up the next morning to money in exchange for that tooth. 
My. brilliant .mother!!! 
*She didn't have to carefully dig under my pillow trying to find the tooth.
*She didn't have to worry about waking me up.
*She didn't have to worry about morning when the money she'd left had fallen down the side of the bed and a kid was crying because the Tooth Fairy stole their tooth and didn't leave any money.

So, I made my son a Tooth Fairy pillow this week. 
Preparation for the big night when he sells his teeth to that sneaky Tooth Fairy.

I should have asked "What color of pillow do you want?" 
Not "What kind of pillow do you want?" 
One word can really complicate life! 
He wanted a Mario Pillow. Of course! Why did I ask?!? I felt pretty intimidated at first, but it did turn out and was easier than I expected once I had an idea of how to do it. 

The sad part to this story
When I was almost done with his pillow, he looked me right in the eyes with a very serious thoughtful look and said, "Mom, the Tooth Fairy isn't real is He?"
My response, "Why would you think that?"
My son replied, "Heavenly Father didn't make fairies." A long pause while I tried to figure out what to say.  Then he added, "But I LOOOOOOVE my cool pillow.  And I'm still so excited to lose my teeth!  It'll be SOOOOOO COOL."

I'm sad he didn't even make it through one round of the Tooth Fairy while believing.  But I'm happy he's still excited. 

P.S.  The night before Easter he told me he knows it's me and Dad who hide the eggs, that the Easter Bunny isn't real.  It was still his most exciting Easter morning and he was crazy uber happy about searching out all the eggs. 
I've learned a good lesson from him I need to remember always: 
When the fairy tale is gone, reality is still a lot of fun!

******And, ONE MORE TIP******
No matter how much money your Tooth Fairy gives, give it in coins, not bills.  A kid feels a lot more rich with 4 quarters in his pocket than with one dollar bill in his pocket.  I Promise!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday's Word: COURAGE

Each of us as women and mothers
have had,
are having,
and will have
moments where courage is needed
LIFE isn't something we always feel prepared to face...infact, I'd say we're usually caught off guard by both the "small" things as well as the "big" things.
My favorites lines from this short video are: 
"Being Brave doesn't mean that I'm not afraid."
"If I really trust Heavenly Father,
it doesn't matter what I don't understand."

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Wednesday's Word: A Dedicated & Wise Mother

I always love to learn from other mothers. 
We're all different
I don't desire to be an exact duplicate of another mother because my children are not exact duplicates of other children. 
(okay, honestly, there are moments I want to be like someone else because in my view they're a better mother than I am...but I'm trying to overcome that.  I think we all have those moments.)
We're all individuals
The children we have are ours because God gave them each to us...He knows we are the best mother for them and for who they can become.
(and that's a HUGE topic for another day.)
But, like I said, I do enjoy learning from other mothers. 
I am grateful for good examples. 
We all need them as we're progressing in this journey called MOTHERHOOD.

This is an interview with a mother I do not personally know, but yesterday as I listened to this "Conversation" as I folded our huge pile of laundry, I felt uplifted, and inspired in simple things that daily opportunities provide for teaching our children.  No one's life is perfect, everyone has challenges, and yet the good can shine through in wonderful ways.

I hope you'll listen!
Just click on this pink link and it will take you to the "play" page.
*** Interview with Karen Payne, Mother of 10 Children ***
on www.mormonchannel.org

Friday, March 01, 2013

Friday's Food: Homemade Chicken Pot Pie

Mmmm Mmmmm Good. 
A new favorite even.
I made this last night for the first time:

Every time I try something new, I have my husband rate it on a scale of 1-10. 
1=NASTY and we're having cereal instead
10= WOW make it again and I can't wait for leftovers again tomorrow!!!!

My son never rates anything.  He's six.  He dislikes anything besides hotdogs and pizza.  But he's a good boy and eats whatever I give him anyway.  It's taken work, and sometimes bribery, and always patience.  But he's doing GREAT at eating what he's given.  I figure eventually his taste buds will appreciate variety.

Anyway, before I had a chance to ask my husband his rating he offered a 10+
My son (when he f.i.n.a.l.l.y tried his first bite) got all wide eyed and also gave it a thumbs up.
Now that's really saying something.

So, here it is.  I hope it gets a 10+ in your home too.  If not, I apologize for getting your hopes up.  Kind of like when someone says a movie is the BEST movie EVER and will change your life,.....and you watch it and uh, fall asleep.

Chicken Pot Pie
1 can chicken chunks (or 2 chicken breasts chopped and cooked)
2 cans white potatoes (or 3-4 medium potatoes chopped and boiled until tender)
1 small package of frozen peas and carrots
1 can cream of chicken soup (or homemade cream of chicken soup)
1 1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp. black pepper
1 tsp. garlic powder

Mix all ingredients together in large bowl and pour into pie crust. Seal mixture inside pie crust with pie crust top.  Cut design into top and bake at 350 degrees (fahrenheit) for about 55 minutes or until heated through and crust is done.  Should be lightly golden brown. 

1 recipe Double Pie crust (or ready-made from store)
* pie crust recipe from Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook

2 1/4 C. all-purpose flour
3/4 tsp. salt
2/3 C. shortening
8-10 Tbl. cold water

In medium bowl stir together flour and salt.  Using a pastry blender (or fork) cut in shortening until pieces are about pea-size.  Sprinkle 1 Tbl. of water over part of flour mixture and gently toss with fork  Push moistened dough to side of bowl.  Repeat 1 Tbl. at a time until all of the flour mixture is moistened.  Divide in half and form each half into a ball.  On  a lighly floured surface, roll dough out flat to about 12 inch diameter.  To transfer the dough, wrap it around the rolling pin and place over pie dish, gently pushing it down to fill in the pie dish so it won't break when you put the filling in.  Do the same with the other ball of dough, place over top of filled pie.  seal seam and cutt off excess dough.  Cut slits in top for steam to escape.


Thursday, February 07, 2013

Thing to Do: Indoor Hop Scotch

It's COLD and WET and SNOWY
Aaaaannnnnndddd.... the kids need something to do for physical exercise besides jumping out of the window sills, off the couches and the top of the piano, and climbing the dresser and....

All you need is masking tape, a bean bag, and a floor. 
Carpet is easiest to remove the tape.  WARNING: Don't leave it on for more than a few days, it'll leave sticky stuff on your floor if you do and then you'll have dirt sticking to the sticky...and the hop scotch stays longer than you planned.  Yes we experienced it.

Reminder on HopScotch rules:  jump one foot in #1, two feet in #2 and #3, etc.  Beginning of turn, throw a bean bag and whatever square you land it on, skip jumping on that square.  When you get to the the end, turn around, jump back, leaning over to pick up the bean bag on your way back. 

I was very surprised how much my kids loved it.  Even my son!!!!  And my little girl isn't old enough to quite understand, but it was still something different and fun so she loved it. 

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Wednesday's Word: I Had a Dream

My own thoughts will be rambled here...and maybe for no one to ever read.  But I'm still going to write them. 

I had a dream last night right before I woke up...the kind that got my emotions all tangled up.  It was a nightmare of sorts.  My whole body felt heavy, I had a pit of dread in my stomach.  It all seemed so real.  Then I woke up and realized it was only a dream and was so thankful for my life.  Lately I've been having a hard time feeling excited to be a mother e.v.e.r.y d.a.y.  The monotony of it all has been wearing me down.  (Probably doesn't help that both my kids have been quite sick and not sleeping well which equals extra crankiness on their part and me wishing I had extra patience and strength to match what they're needing.) 
So, you're asking, what was this dream?  It was that I was back at my college job.  The job I had before my wonderful job at the college working with preschool.  I was working at a grocery store again.  I had to wear the classy cashier apron with the store name on it, memorize all the produce codes, be the fastest cashier, stand on my feet all day in a 1 1/2 ft. square area smiling at everyone even if they were using foul and obscene language to complain about everything on the planet.  Once again I was having to sell alcohol and tobacco to pregnant women and dreading it wishing I didn't have to.  I had to wait a few hours for my 15 minute break so I could sit and drink some water and then make it through the next few hours until my next break.  And I had to do it day.after.day.  Ugh!  In college it was a good job.  Paid the bills, worked with my school schedule each semester, I made some great friends that will be forever friends, my employer was really quite nice, and I learned new things that I'll never forget (f.y.i. the code for bananas is 4011), but it was VERY HARD WORK. 
Then I woke up and felt so excited for the day.  If a bad dream can be a tender mercy, this one was!  I felt so energized and ready for whatever the day brought.  It might be hard, but at least I could get a drink of water for myself when I was thirsty (even if holding a crying child at the same time).  I can sit on the floor, or even lay next to my sick kid on his bed and read a book.  I get to do things that really and eternally matter.  They may be monotonous, they may stretch my inner strength and character, they are overwhelming at times, and I feel inadequate more often than not, but this dream job is quite POSH. 
I don't have to wear a uniform.  T-shirt and jeans-- thank you very much! 
I can snack on the hidden Starburst stash in the top cupboard whenever I need a little sunshine. 
I can take a bathroom break almost whenever I want to (and sometimes that's my code for giving myself a time out to cool myself down and not blow a fuse...I think the kids are catching on). 
I get to hug my kids and check their temperatures, and make sure that these little precious eternal beings I'm entrusted with know they're loved and cherished
I get to read books with them, teach them scripture stories, hear their first words, and watch their imaginations take over our home. 
I GET TO be HERE!!!!  I experience it all with them. 
This is a pretty awesome job..... My REAL dream job called MOTHERHOOD.