Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wednesdays Wonder: The MIRACLE of Life

Many  months ago I posted that I was pregnant and taking a blogging break for a while.  It was a rough pregnancy but we all made it through and it was worth it!!! 

Our little girl was born on May 25th at 7:54 a.m. 
She weighed in at exactly 7 lbs. and measured exactly 20 inches long. 

To put my feelings into words would be impossible.  I'm still amazed at her tiny fingers and chubby toes.  It's incredible how her curly black hair keeps growing and isn't falling out.  I love her first morning smile as I get her out of bed.  I love how she holds on to my finger and how she loves to chew on her fist.  I love how she looks for me the instant she hears my voice no matter who is holding her.  How did my life go on before her?  It seems like she's always been mine and that I've known her forever...and yet, I'm learning more about her each day.  She is determined, and sweet.  I wonder how it is that she falls asleep better in a bright room than at night, and yet, will sleep through the night.  I love how she cries as she's going to sleep--she'll belt out a few good screams and then is out like a light.  I'm amazed by her long eyelashes and dark blue eyes, and I wonder if they'll end up being brown.  I'm curious about that one blond hair in the back of her head.  Where did that come from?!   Our 4 year old boy is completely smitten by her.  He loves to flex and show her his BIG muscles and sing to her.  He tells her how beautiful she is about a million times a day.  Not one ounce of jealousy from him.  If anything, he may like her more than me.  I simply love her and love how she's brought with her such a gift of love that is permeating our home. The wait, the prayers, and the patience that about killed us has paid off.  We have another MIRACLE!  And what a miracle life truly is!!!!