Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday's MOMents

As we were driving the other day, Katey said to us, "I want to be a vegetarian and a cow girl when I grow up." I said "do you mean a veterinarian?" She said "Yes, I want to be a vegetarian and a cowgirl." We were cracking up.
~ Becky, mother of three

Corbyn:  "Mommy, I am sorry you married a monkey instead of a daddy."
~Heather, mother of three

I have a three month old son, almost 4 months that made my day today by just smiling at me and cooing while I was feeding him a bottle.  Lately he has been trying to hold the bottle and often times gets me frustrated as he bats it away resists putting it in his mouth.  But today I just took the moment in stride and smiled back at him.  I love my little boy and these are definitely moments to just sit back and smile. 
 ~Meccenzie, mother of one

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