Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday's Thing to Do: Color "I SPY"

Hello Everyone!  I had an idea to I am back to least once.  :)  Thank you for all of your well wishes...  this pregnancy has been a little rough, but completely worth it.  Only about two more months until our little GIRL arrives.  We are all so THRILLED!!!!!

One of the basics for children to learn is color recognition.  Here's a fun game that's pretty simple, but kids love!!!

Start with basics of Red, Blue, Yellow, Black and White.  Gradually add other colors.  Keep in mind that most kids learn Brown and Gray last.  (If your child is grasping certain colors, but never seems to be able to be able to differentiate between other certain colors on a regular basis, like blue, red, green, etc. over an extended period of time.  Don't get frustrated.  Check with the eye doctor, color blindness is common especially in boys, and isn't a huge concern.)  
Have a color "I SPY" hunt

Here's how it works: Find a red piece of paper, show your child that it's red, say that it's red, have him or her repeat the color name, and have him or her look around your home to find as many other items that are red as they can.  As they get better at colors, you can add variety to this game.  

Variety Examples:
  •  If you have multiple children, you can make it into a team game...working together to find as many as they can taking turns.
  • Make it into a competition game.  See who can find 5 or 10 items of that color first, or set a timer for one or two minutes and each one finds as many items of that color as they can.  (The tricky part, is they need to be able to count first too...) 
  • This can also be used as a "game" while grocery shopping to try to keep their attention on something instead of pulling all the fruit snacks and cookies into the basket, or hitting their sibling....
  • Have a box or bag with small pieces of various colors of paper.  One at a time, pull out a random color and  have them look for something of that color.
  • Use creativity in mixing this up