Thursday, September 06, 2012

Thursday's Thing to Do: Cereal Necklace

Honestly, is there anyone out there that has never had a cereal necklace or bracelet?
(if so, today is YOUR day!!!!) 
They were my favorite as a little girl. 
However, in that transition time between little girl and mom, I forgot about them....until today
I'm thinking about how fun it will be to do.  I bet my son would even like it because it's food...
as long as every piece of cereal is either blue or green since he's realized that pink is "ewwwww girlie" and pink, if touched, will give him the plague. 
If you've had amnesia and forgot about this simple fun, here are the tips on what you need and how to do it:
Cereal Necklace: 
(a.k.a. The Wearable Snack)
Cereal (multi-colored is extra fun, and the cereal should have holes in the middle.  If you have older kids, you could use cereal without holes and have them use a thread and needle---if you trust them with such weapons while sitting in close proximity.)
Yarn (cut in 3 foot sections) OR thin licorice ropes
Development: This a a great activity for preschool age kids to practive their fine motor skills as they string the cereal on the yarn.  You can also use this as an activity with learning colors, or practicing their sorting skills. 
Tips: With young children it can help to tape one end of the yarn onto the table while they string the cereal onto the other end, this way it doesn't fall off constantly.  When they're done, help them tie the ends together. 
***And please remember, necklaces can be choking hazards if they're climbing trees, etc. etc.  So, be wise.