Monday, January 23, 2012


Angie, thanks for sending these...quite a while ago.....

*When my son was 3 he was really into learning his ABC's and numbers.  One day he was playing in his room, I was in my bedroom, and my husband was in the living room.  I heard him say, "B S T Y M..." and continue with a long list of letters.  Then after a short pause he called out, "Dad, is that how you spell TV?" 

*Another time at dinner he didn't want to eat, so I told him if he would just take 2 bites he could be finished.  He took the first bite and said, "One." Took another bite and said, "Two." Continued on and said, "Three."  Well, I wasn't about to stop him from eating his food if he was going to do it willingly, so I didn't say anything.  After he said, "Seven" he looked up at me, his chin started to quiver, his eyes filled with tears and he said, "Mom, I don't know how to count to two."  Both instances were so sweet and soooo funny. 
~Angie, mother of five

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thing to Do: Snowflakes

Many of YOU are in the middle of a big snow storm. 
I am not. 
I do not know what kind of snow is falling for you....meaning if it's slushy, clumpy, melting before it hits the ground, or super frozen individual flakes.  But if any of you have the super frozen individual flakes ENJOY!!!!! 

Have you ever stood outside and let the snow fall on the sleeve of a dark coat or glove and been amazed at the unique beauty and design of each flake?  If not, YOU.ARE.MISSING.OUT!  A few weeks ago we had that kind of snow.  My FAVORITE!!!  My 5 year old went outside with me and I explained snowflakes to him and he also loved watching them fall on his gloves, well, for about 20 seconds and then it was snowball fight time.  But seriously, take a few minutes to admire the beauty.   Then have a little snow fun.  


Make some paper snowflakes.  Do you remember how?  If not, here's an easy tutorial: 6-Point Paper Snowflake  (much easier to link it than do my own photo gallery of steps).  Tape them in your windows and enjoy.  We have some in our front window-- helps us pretend we have snow.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Favorite: Puzzle Maker

This website is AWESOME!!!  & FREE 
Which is doubley awesome!!!!!

You can put in the title of a puzzle, words you want included, size, etc. and they make it up for you.  Then you can print it off.  Use this for word searches, mazes, letter tiles, etc.  A great idea to help you be ready for road trips, baby showers, a rainy day inside activity, .....

I've used this site a lot and thought you might enjoy it as well. 

Here's an example:


K S Y B A B M X 
I R I E M U O Z 
W E O S M S M S 
X P D W T O P L 
G A G O E E H E 
D I Z G A M R E 
D D V I Z U O P 
B R O T H E R H 


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday's Word


I saw this quote in a frame next to the kitchen sink at my friend's home a few years ago.  It still repeats in my mind often.  Whenever I think of this quote my mind immediately turns to a mother who was speaking at a fireside before I had any children.  She had many children.  Honestly, I think it was 14 or 15 kids.  I remember several things she shared.  But one fits this quote perfectly.  She shared with us about hating changing diapers for so many years.  Then one day as she was cleaning the poop off her kids bottom, the thought came to her that changing her babies diapers was like the Savior cleaning her from sin through his atonement.  Just as her baby needed help and couldn't do it on his own, she couldn't clean herself from sin and needed the Savior's help.  And just as it'd hurt more the longer the poop stayed on the babies bottom, her sins would hurt more the longer she waited to allow the Savior to clean her from her sins.  It's kind of funny, an analogy like that.  But it's true.  There are things in our lives that even though they're mundane they can gave us a reason to look up, to understand more, and our perspectives can change drastically. 

Motherhood is full of mundane, repetitive tasks, but it's also full of wonderful moments that sneak in unexpectedly in the middle of the daily monotony.  Focus on those moments and find purpose, even divine purpose in the tasks and responsibilities.  It'll bring sunshine, even on a poopy day.  I promise!