Monday, September 06, 2010

Monday's MOMents: The 1st Batch

To get started, I'll add one from myself so you know I'm really a mother too....

         I told my son he was handsome. He said, "No...... I'm cute. I'm handsome on Sunday." I always attempt to comb his hair on Sunday....I can't say much about the other six days of the week. I guess cute means  his hair isn't combed, handsome is when it is combed.  How funny!
~Amy, mother of one

I took the kids to Costco the other day because the kids were driving me nuts. I had a coupon for diapers so that was my excuse for going. As we were leaving I told them we needed to go get diapers and because they were driving me nuts. Once at the store my 4 year old said, "Now mommy we need diapers and what else?" I said, "That is all." She then said, "But you said there was another reason for coming." I said, "Because you kids were driving me nuts?" 4 Year old, "Oh, that's right." ...Ah, MoMents!!!
~Karen, mother of three

From my 5 year old:
                       "I can't talk nicely, my voice won't let me."
                                                   ~Janelle, mother of three

Thank you for sharing a few MOMents over the past few days.  I'd love to hear more about your funny and wonderful times as a mother.  If you'd like to share, please comment here or email me at  Please include your first name, if you are a mother, grandmother, aunt, etc. and # of children.

I hope these brightened your day!

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Angie said...

love these! They definitely made me smile. Thanks for a wonderful blog Amy!