Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday's MOMent

My son Grant was 5 weeks old at the time. We decided we would venture out to a restaurant with Grandpa. This was the first attempt at eating out since Grant was born. And when we pulled into the parking lot Grant needed his diaper changed so I figured I would change it really quickly in the car and meet my husband and father-in-law inside as soon as I was finished. This was my first attempt at changing a diaper in the car and we were headed to a wedding reception as soon as dinner was finished. So here I am with Grant on my lap trying to get the wipes and clean diaper ready for a quick change. I was close to successful until I realized I was trying to put the diaper on backward... silly me. So I took the diaper off and right at that moment a stream starts shooting up. So I think to myself... "Quick get the diaper on". With Grant looking at me in surprise with a new wetness on his face he didn't expect and my skirt all wet I suddenly realize I tried to put the diaper on backward... AGAIN. So quickly I turned the diaper around and FINALLY got it right the third time. Now I was just trying to convince myself that no one would notice the very unique dark pattern on my skirt. So instead of worrying what anyone else would think I just decided to rock it the best I could. So funny and definitely a story I will never forget.
~Kristy, Mother of one

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