Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday's Wonder: The Miracle of Adoption

I am a huge advocate for adoption...and have a lot to say about it!!!!  My father and his brother were adopted when they were  two and three years old, I have a great friend who was adopted as a teenager after being in foster care for most of her life.  I have a dear friend who's adopted two of her children as infants, my cousin is adopting two children from Haiti, my husband also has many family experiences with adoption, I could go on and on... and it's simply beautiful.  We have friends that are currently hoping to adopt (notice their button on the blog and check it out!  They are incredible people and will be fabulous parents!!!!  Pass on their info.) and we are also in the process of approval for being adoptive parents.  I also have a dear friend who chose to place her baby for adoption...and it's been incredible to see the journey from her side of the story as well. 

Every child is a treasure, every adoption situation is unique, every birthmother has her own story and reasons, every adoptive parent has their own journey in the process of becoming parents...and every story is a miracle!!!

With that in mind, I'd like to share a couple of great places to learn more.  Both of these sites are helpful for birthmothers, birthfathers, and potential adoptive parents as well as family members of all involved.  I hope these resources will be helpful if you or someone you know is considering adoption.



Adoption isn't something that will be a part of every family, but it is a part of most families in some way, and learning more about it helps everyone understand THE MIRACLE.

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Katrina said...

Thanks for sending this out there. I am a great advocate for adoption too, since I have four adopted siblings, three adopted cousins, and one adopted uncle. It's just normal in our family and I love that.