Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday's Mailbox: The Survey Results

Life As Mom Survey--Here's what you said:

1. How many children do you have at home?
   1- 30.4%
   2- 39.1%
   3- 17.4%
   4- 8.7%
   5+ 4.3%

2.  What do you enjoy most about this blog? 
(I know the percentages here don't add up to 100.  You could answer more than one.)
   Monday MOMents- 33.3%
   Tuesdays Tips & Tidbits- 28.6%
   Wednesday's Words & Wonders- 19%
   Thursday Things to Do- 76%
   Friday Favorites-  23.8%

3.  How often do you check this blog?
   1/week- 30.4%
   2/week- 17.4%
   3/week- 8.7%
   4-7/week- 26.1%
   All the time...- 17.4%
   Uh...what blog? 0%  (phew, I'd be worried if anyone selected this one!)

4.  This best describes how I feel about being a mom:
   I LOVE it EVERY day!- 13.0%
   I love it most of the time-  65.2%
   I am okay with being a mom- 4.3%
   I feel inadequate being a mom- 8.7%
   I am unhappy most of the time with myself or my kids- 8.7%
   Not applicable...I'm not a mother-  0%

5.  I usually get _____ hours of sleep a night
   less than 3- 0%
   4-5 hours- 26.1%
   6-8 hours- 73.9%
   9+ hours- 0%

6.  How many people are in your support system?  (this means, the people you feel comfortable to call to COME help you if you're having a hard day, are sick yourself, or didn't sleep because you were up all night with a crying baby, etc.)
   None- 13.0%
   1 or 2-  34.8%
   3 or 4- 39.1%
   5-10- 8.7%
   10+- 4.3%

7.  What limits your ability to do the things you want to do with your child/children?  (generally, not just today)
   money- 39.1%
   distance- 4.3%
   transportation- 4.3%
   health- 4.3%
   lack of help/support- 8.7%
   I don't feel like I'm limited in what I can do with my kids- 17.4%
   other- 21.7%  (I'm curious about the "other" reasons...that's a big percentage)

The other questions were:
1.  This is my favorite thing about being a mom......
2.  This is the hardest thing for me about being a mom....
3.  I'd like more posts about......

These questions that were open ended will all be talked about sooner than later in this blog.  A lot of moms said that the simple things about motherhood are their favorite things.  That's good.  Simple things happen most often!  There was a lot of frustration or distress about discipline issues and keeping our tempers under control, as well as questions about babies to teenagers.  And many of you asked for more food and activity ideas.  (that's why Friday's now include Foods, and I'm trying to give ideas of things to do with kids in more posts than just Thursday's Things to Do.) 

Every answer to these questions gave me a million ideas of things to address...and each one will be.  Though some I'll have to do more research for so it'll take a little longer.  Please keep giving me suggestions, or asking questions.... Just shoot me an email or post a comment. 

Thanks for all your help with doing this survey!  You've given me great insight in how to fit this blog to YOU!!!

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