Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Yes, I'm alive.  Infact, I've been working on a book. 

I can't do everything at the same time (who can?), so for the past while, I've been focussing my efforts on a book I've been dreaming about for years upon years...the dream began before blogging was ever even a thing.  The idea actually started with my mom and her dream of writing a book.  It's changed a lot over the years and is totally different than what she had thought about doing...but that's where the thought began.  And every thought has to begin somewhere.  So, that's taken priority for now.  I realized a while ago that if I didn't start and work on it regularly, it would never happen and I don't want to get to the point when it's "too late".  That happens with too many things in life and I've decided I won't have a regret, or "what if".  It's kind of a tribute to my mom too.  She didn't accomplish the dream.  But it can be OUR dream and I'll do it.  And, if it's never published by some other company.  So be it..... we now live in a world of self-publishing opportunities because of the technology we have.  That makes me happy.  It's also a gift to my daughter... someday she'll be a mom too.  Yes, the book has to do with motherhood....my passion in life.  I'll keep you posted, and I might even blog occasionally, but.......

And, my husband compiled a book too.  A dream he's had for years.  (notice the trending in our family?)   I'll write about that later....keep checking back.

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