Thursday, February 07, 2013

Thing to Do: Indoor Hop Scotch

It's COLD and WET and SNOWY
Aaaaannnnnndddd.... the kids need something to do for physical exercise besides jumping out of the window sills, off the couches and the top of the piano, and climbing the dresser and....

All you need is masking tape, a bean bag, and a floor. 
Carpet is easiest to remove the tape.  WARNING: Don't leave it on for more than a few days, it'll leave sticky stuff on your floor if you do and then you'll have dirt sticking to the sticky...and the hop scotch stays longer than you planned.  Yes we experienced it.

Reminder on HopScotch rules:  jump one foot in #1, two feet in #2 and #3, etc.  Beginning of turn, throw a bean bag and whatever square you land it on, skip jumping on that square.  When you get to the the end, turn around, jump back, leaning over to pick up the bean bag on your way back. 

I was very surprised how much my kids loved it.  Even my son!!!!  And my little girl isn't old enough to quite understand, but it was still something different and fun so she loved it. 

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