Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Tuesday's Tips & Tidbits: the Tooth Fairy

A rite of passage in our culture
It's a big deal to lose that first tooth
Just ask any kindergarten teacher.

My son has his first two wiggly teeth: the bottom, front ones---like most kids. 
He's been coming home from school since the beginning of the school year telling me who lost their tooth, how, and that the kid got a prize from his teacher's special prize box for losing a tooth.
He's anxiously awaiting his own teeth falling out because 

When I was a little girl my mom would make us each a
Tooth Fairy Pillow. 
I didn't realize at the time how brilliant my mother was. 
This pillow had a little pocket in the front where we'd put our tooth. 
We'd place the pillow on our bed, and wake up the next morning to money in exchange for that tooth. 
My. brilliant .mother!!! 
*She didn't have to carefully dig under my pillow trying to find the tooth.
*She didn't have to worry about waking me up.
*She didn't have to worry about morning when the money she'd left had fallen down the side of the bed and a kid was crying because the Tooth Fairy stole their tooth and didn't leave any money.

So, I made my son a Tooth Fairy pillow this week. 
Preparation for the big night when he sells his teeth to that sneaky Tooth Fairy.

I should have asked "What color of pillow do you want?" 
Not "What kind of pillow do you want?" 
One word can really complicate life! 
He wanted a Mario Pillow. Of course! Why did I ask?!? I felt pretty intimidated at first, but it did turn out and was easier than I expected once I had an idea of how to do it. 

The sad part to this story
When I was almost done with his pillow, he looked me right in the eyes with a very serious thoughtful look and said, "Mom, the Tooth Fairy isn't real is He?"
My response, "Why would you think that?"
My son replied, "Heavenly Father didn't make fairies." A long pause while I tried to figure out what to say.  Then he added, "But I LOOOOOOVE my cool pillow.  And I'm still so excited to lose my teeth!  It'll be SOOOOOO COOL."

I'm sad he didn't even make it through one round of the Tooth Fairy while believing.  But I'm happy he's still excited. 

P.S.  The night before Easter he told me he knows it's me and Dad who hide the eggs, that the Easter Bunny isn't real.  It was still his most exciting Easter morning and he was crazy uber happy about searching out all the eggs. 
I've learned a good lesson from him I need to remember always: 
When the fairy tale is gone, reality is still a lot of fun!

******And, ONE MORE TIP******
No matter how much money your Tooth Fairy gives, give it in coins, not bills.  A kid feels a lot more rich with 4 quarters in his pocket than with one dollar bill in his pocket.  I Promise!

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Anonymous said...

What a smart kiddo! And I really like what you said about reality still being fun. It's a good thing. :)