Thursday, November 04, 2010

Thursday's Thing to Do: Paper Plate Tambourine

can you tell it's well loved?
- 2 paper plates for each tambourine
- Stapler and Staples
- Dry rice, beans, or macaroni, etc.
- Things to decorate (crayons, stickers, or any other fun crafty things you have around the house)

1.  Lay one plate on the table, put in about 1/8 cup of dry rice, beans, or whatever else you think would sound awesome when shaking it.
2.  Lay other paper plate on top (so the middle area is hollow) and staple around the edges to hold it all together.
3.  Let kids decorate as they please. (if using glue, make sure it's dry before playing with it.)
4.  Play music, make up songs, turn on the radio and dance and play the tambourines...just have fun and be creative!!!

***Note: I use paper plates instead of plastic, because the plastic ones sometimes have sharp edges and could cut little hands.

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