Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday's Thing to Do: Going on a Trip & an FYI

I used to play this game as a kid and totally forgot about it. 
Thanks Melissa for the idea!!!

We go wood cutting every saturday for anywhere from 5-7 hours. Well, while my husband is cutting the wood we try to stay entertained away from the danger. So I have had to get creative. This last week we played "I'm going on a trip and I am taking..." You start with A and go all the way to Z. Each person adds one item to the list, and says all the ones that have gone before. We got pretty creative. It was the perfect boredom buster! And it is SOOO Good for your Memory!

The FYI:
For those of you who are following (and have emailed me to see if I'm okay) ....I haven't posted for a while because life has changed a bit.  I use to get several posts ready each morning before my son woke up.  However, I am now sleeping until he wakes up because I'm pregnant and exhausted.  Yes, pregnant....those of you who are jumping up and down out of shock and excitement and know what a miracle this is for us...thank you!  We're very excited!!!  I'm feeling wonderfully sick and everything seems to be going fabulously well.  Our little one is due May 22nd.  Our four year old is ecstatic to have a baby in the house and every night hugs my tummy and says "Goodnight Baby".  It's adorable.  So, with that in mind, I'll still post, but it won't be quite as regular for now.  Your suggestions, questions, and ideas are always welcome so keep them coming!!!  I love hearing from you!


Angie said...

Super Duper Congratulations! I am really excited for you.

Janelle Day said...

Yay for baby #2!!! What a blessing, I am so happy for you. I hate feeling nauseous, but it is a great reminder that something wonderful is happening inside. Love ya!!

Our Family said...

Amy I am jumping up and down with excitement!!!!!! So happy for you!

CurtisandJackie said...

YAHOO! I am so ecstatic for you guys! What an amazing miracle. Congratulations! And, I hope you get feeling better soon. :)

kristin said...

YAY!!! I am SO thrilled for you guys! Congrats to all of you. :)

Love, Kristin

Stac said...

YIPEEE, I'm soooooo happy for you. What a blessing. Keep us all updated!

TeresaL said...

AMY! That is wonderful news!!!
Congrats on the baby to be!
Teresa Laing