Friday, November 05, 2010

Friday's Favorite: FREE- National Geographic Kids

My brother gave my son the coolest Christmas gift a few years ago (and keeps giving it each year)....National Geographic Kids Magazine.  He gets several issues a year full of amazing information about animals, kids in other parts of the world, and it always has an idea for a mini-experiment.  I'm glad my brother always gifts it to my son, because I'm a penny pincher and don't know if I'd buy it myself.  However, there is also a fabulous website full of all kinds of interesting things to learn, activities to do, and all kinds of wonderful things you're sure to love.  There's cool stuff on this site that will interest toddlers up to older kids (and even us kids in older bodies).  If you're not up for buying the subscription, or even if you are, the website is a great FREE way to learn more about the world around us. 

Hope you like it!
Here's the link:  National Geographic Kids

fyi: I've added the link to my sidebar under Fun and Helpful Places to Go

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