Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thing to Do: Snowflakes

Many of YOU are in the middle of a big snow storm. 
I am not. 
I do not know what kind of snow is falling for you....meaning if it's slushy, clumpy, melting before it hits the ground, or super frozen individual flakes.  But if any of you have the super frozen individual flakes ENJOY!!!!! 

Have you ever stood outside and let the snow fall on the sleeve of a dark coat or glove and been amazed at the unique beauty and design of each flake?  If not, YOU.ARE.MISSING.OUT!  A few weeks ago we had that kind of snow.  My FAVORITE!!!  My 5 year old went outside with me and I explained snowflakes to him and he also loved watching them fall on his gloves, well, for about 20 seconds and then it was snowball fight time.  But seriously, take a few minutes to admire the beauty.   Then have a little snow fun.  


Make some paper snowflakes.  Do you remember how?  If not, here's an easy tutorial: 6-Point Paper Snowflake  (much easier to link it than do my own photo gallery of steps).  Tape them in your windows and enjoy.  We have some in our front window-- helps us pretend we have snow.

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