Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Wednesday's Word: A Dedicated & Wise Mother

I always love to learn from other mothers. 
We're all different
I don't desire to be an exact duplicate of another mother because my children are not exact duplicates of other children. 
(okay, honestly, there are moments I want to be like someone else because in my view they're a better mother than I am...but I'm trying to overcome that.  I think we all have those moments.)
We're all individuals
The children we have are ours because God gave them each to us...He knows we are the best mother for them and for who they can become.
(and that's a HUGE topic for another day.)
But, like I said, I do enjoy learning from other mothers. 
I am grateful for good examples. 
We all need them as we're progressing in this journey called MOTHERHOOD.

This is an interview with a mother I do not personally know, but yesterday as I listened to this "Conversation" as I folded our huge pile of laundry, I felt uplifted, and inspired in simple things that daily opportunities provide for teaching our children.  No one's life is perfect, everyone has challenges, and yet the good can shine through in wonderful ways.

I hope you'll listen!
Just click on this pink link and it will take you to the "play" page.
*** Interview with Karen Payne, Mother of 10 Children ***

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Janelle Day said...

Wow I listened to that and instead of feeling guilty I felt empowered that I can be a better mom. Thanks for sharing.