Monday, August 30, 2010

Explaining MOMents & Mail

Each Monday will be our day of MOMents and the Mommy Mailbox

So, what is a MOMent?  A MOMent is one of those special 'mom moments' in life that you hope to never forget (...or are embarrassing and wish you could forget).  You know, the ones that make you laugh until you cry, appreciate the simple joys of a child, and feel grateful that you are a mother.  MOMents spice up the mundane parts of motherhood.

The Mailbox will be for submitting your own MOMents so I can include and post them to lighten everyone's day and help us all remember how wonderful it is to be a mother.  We will also have fun surveys, Q&A's, and occasional opportunities for prizes. 

To help out with the MOMents and Mailbox:
*Please post a comment or email me at 
*Include your first name, if you are a mother, grandmother, aunt, etc. & # of children

I look forward to hearing from you!!! 

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